BerlinWebWeek 2008 in retrospect

13. February 2009 - 6.46 pm Uhr

The BerlinWebWeek SpringEdition will take place at the end of May 2009, the preparations are going on fine and I am very optimistic, that the days of the BerlinWebWeek will be packed with events again. They will make travelling to the capital worthwhile. I have tried to compile a digital review. As somebody who is one of the initiators of BerlinWebWeek I am surely not neutral, the initiative is very important to me. However, I found almost only positive feedack in the internet. The choice between events was huge, everybody could find a niche topic for him or her… and if you have suggestions please give feedback. Kai has aggregated, how BerlinWebWeek became a portal and is now a fixture if you want to know hat is going on in Berlin and how we will make it again a series of events in May.
BerlinBlase has compiled a map  of events and locations, Nicole Simon wrote in Crueltobekind. Zanox has filmed a video about some of the events:

There were so many, that is was impossible to be at all of them, as Nico Lumma wrote. The MIKI, which Kai produced shows that in colourful pictures. Fastenyourseatbelts has used the Week to ask me, how events like that interact with citymarketing, investments and tourism. Radio Fritz broadcasted a short interview with me in the broadcast Trackback. is an extensive interview with Nico Lumma about some of the events.
There are so many people and portals who wrote about the BerlinWebWeek, I only want to mention a few: Stylewalker, Dittes, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Dagger, Berlin Kollektiv, Twemes – Tweets with BerlinWebWeek, Fotos on Flickr, Berliner Zeitung and many many more.

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Berlin at the East Coast and the West Coast

10. February 2009 - 10.19 pm Uhr

Berlin will be present at the web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco in March 2009, however, the Berlin presence at US East Coast and West Coast web conferences has a long history. The last presence of Berlin – Berlin Partner and Berlin companies – was at the web 2. 0 expo in New York in September 2008. There were a lot of contacts with companies and people from the US and other countries, many of them interested in the German startup scene and in what Berlin has to offer to them. I was happy that even mashable took notice of Berlin and our work. I had the chance  to explain to Alana Taylor from mashable what we do and the video helps to spread the word:

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