BerlinWebWeek 2010

16. April 2010 - 2.40 pm Uhr

This year we will have the BerlinWebWeek in Berlin for the 3rd time. Around the webinale 2010 in the 1st week of June a lot of web-related events will take place, which together form the BerlinWebWeek 2010 and thus bring this digital Webcalender into the real world. Here our overview:

We would love to organise a BerlinWebNight in a Club/Lounge (location/date still to be defined – suggestions?) Please send us information about events which would suit these days too and could encourage people from outside Berlin or even Germany to travel to these events and maybe stay a little longer.

One thing is for sure though: a LOT is happening in Berlin in the first half of this year – to name only the big events – just recently the re:publica, then the next, shortly before the BerlinWebWeek the droidcon, directly after the BerlinWebWeek the ITProfits… Berlin is the German internet capital.

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The next BerlinWebWeek will take place end of May 09

9. February 2009 - 4.22 pm Uhr

The next BerlinWebWeek will take place end of May 2009. The best time for it was discussed for a long time since there are two big events in the 2nd quarter of the year which would have been suitable, the re:publica and the webinale. Organisational reasons led to the decision to have the BerlinWebWeek around the webinale  at the end of May. The re:publica at the beginning of April will even without the BerlinWebWeek be (again) extremly well attended and interesting, we will keep you informed.
Today there are already a couple of events later at the the end of May in the BerlinWebWeek: the webinale, the ux camp, the TYPO Berlin, the Mobile Monday, so we will have a Web Week again about 10 days long.  10 day which will make it worth coming from other regions of Germany and further away to the German capital. If you plan an event, please put it here. Should you think about organizing one, please contact Berlin Partner.

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