Event calender for Berlin – Berlin Event Weeks

13. April 2010 - 9.44 pm Uhr

Berlin is thriving, in all areas, but in one very visibly: each and every evening ther are numerous events to choose from. I am very interested in all the different creative industries – here some examples of 2010:
The year started with the Berlin Fashion Week, the Social Media Week Berlin followed, for obvious reasons I am happy to see the BerlinWebWeek again, we have a Games Week (Deutsche Gamestage), a Media Week (Medienwoche Berlin) and this year I am very much looking forward to the Berlin Music Week. …and I guess one can call the days around the DMY BerlinDesignWeek.
However, there are of course events ever week, but these seemed to be the biggest ones in Berlin in the creative industries. Am I missing something?

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SocialMediaWeek Berlin 2010

2. February 2010 - 3.17 pm Uhr

[Am sitting in front row seat and trying out the iPhone’s wordpress app for liveblogging:]
Full house at the Socialmediaweek’s Congress in Berlin. I love that they have chosen the Berlin-typical location Festsaal Kreuzberg – crowded and people were queuing up outside. This panel was moderated by Markus Angermeier ( @kosmar ). Alexander Korth ( @alexkorth ) (Make Customers Friends), Jodok Batlogg ( @jodok ) (Studi VZ) und Falk Lüke ( @flueke ) (Verbraucherzentrale) were discussing “Privat in Social – Platform- vs. Userresponsibility”. Am impressd by what the organizers have managed to get together in short time – an interesting programm and a lot of events in this week. The twitter hashtag is #smwberlin.

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