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StartupWeekend Trójmiasto – TriCity, Gdynia, Poland

29. Mai 2012 - 14:40 Uhr

Trójmiasto stands for the TriCity region in eastern Pomerania, Poland, consisting of Sopot, Gdynia and Gdansk, a roughly 1 million inhabitants area at the Baltic Sea. One can only describe the wheather conditions of this weekend as ideal: blue sky, sun, warm winds, even more so one has to admire the teams which chose to stay indoors for 54 hours on a long weekend to create their new startup idea.
9 teams have started on Friday, the 27th of April, on Sunday the 29th they presented their ideas in front of a jury and the audience at the StartupWeekend Trójmiasto.

The teams were:

  • E-warranty: mobile application scanning receipts and automatically creating product list with warranty information. (update: e-Warranty’s brand is now Claimee)
  • FitsU:  mobile application that finds clothes simply fitting you!
  • Foody: application for info-kiosks located in hypermarkets (Tesco etc.) showing to customers only recipes filtered by their prices/cooking time/ingredients criteria.
  • FitTheKit:  easy way to create your kitchen plan in 3D. U.Promised, easily create a short-term reminder in only 5 second & with 3 clicks.
  •  mobile application  app that shows you way to your home and is maximally simple in usage.
  • Salelo:  mobile application that helps you find and share infos about promotions and sales in your neighbourhood.
  • Pitch & Go:  magic solution to improve organizing Startup Weekends and similar events.
  • U.Promised:  enabling you to create a short-term reminder in a snap (5 seconds and 3 clicks maximum!).
  •  will help students and other young people in organizing travelling between cities in small group of friends


The Jury Award went to eWarranty, a team which started from scratch on Friday evening. The audience award went to Teleport.Me, to a large extent for their very simple solution as well as their entertaining presentation. Each team gets the opportunity to participate in the European Venture Market and share their ideas with business angels and VCs there and thus hopefully return back home with new contacts and feedback to build a company. Some of the participants here in Gdansk told me they will come already earlier to check out the StartupWeekendBerlin and be part of the Heureka conference before they participate in the European Venture Market.

My personal favorite (I was lucky enough to be invited to participate as a mentor) was Foody, an international team consisting of 5 Poles, 2 Moldovians and 1 German. They built a kiosk solution for supermarkets, where you can print out recipes according to your taste and availability, discounts etc. from the market. They created their project from the scratch after an idea which originated in their kitchen 2 years ago. As a young student couple the two Moldovians were contemplating what is needed for a dish and realized that there are no manuals for supermarkets. Whenever I stand in the aisle and try to remember ingredients… – I can relate to that. The team also discovered on the upper floor of the building an unused kiosk terminal which they opened, loaded with their software and thus could show an end product, a rare example of a tangible product at a StartupWeekend.

StartupWeekendTeam Foody

The next StartupWeekend in Poland will be at the end of May in Wroclaw (Breslau). I really recommend you to go there and check it out – it is less than a 3 hours drive from Berlin and will be a good opportunity to get to know your neighbors. They encourage their teams to use English as the common language, so there is no reason not to go!

[added] Also did a great job interviewing people at the startupweekend and also at BerlinWebWeek 2012 in Berlin and I was happy to have a conversation with them.

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