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BerlinWebWeek 2012 with almost 30 events in 7 days

30. April 2012 - 22:45 Uhr

There are almost 30 events now during the 7 days of the BerlinWebWeek 2012, a new record I think. Yes, I know, too many to visit them all, however, on the other hand just enough so that everybody should be able to found his/her favourite. Here is the complete list and here per day:

re:publica 12
Cisco Expo 2012
Berlin Tech Meetup
Silicon Allee Breakfast Meetup

3. Investors’ Dinner Berlin 2012
betapitch the next start up call
2. Mobilisten-Talk
Social Media: Chancen und Gefahren
Celebrate the Hashtag
Paymentwall Berlin Series
Spotify Tech Talk
Berlin Geekettes meet Digital Media

co:funding – crowdfunding & crowdinvest
Freshmilk webTV sneak preview party

StartupWeekend (also 6.5.2012)
HTML5 Web App Hackathon 5apps
Berlin Startup Crash Course

Heureka Conference
Webmontag Berlin meets Berlin Web Week

NEXT Berlin
European Venture Market
Die lange Nacht der Suchmaschinen

NEXT Berlin
European Venture Market
CEO Dinner
How to get into the US-market

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Finally there – the Berlin Web Week 2012 Trailer

16. April 2012 - 21:36 Uhr

Only 16 days to go – then Berlin Web Week 2012 will start. I am really looking forward to it! Our trailer for 2012 is out – we will update it as soon as we have new material from the actual events of 2012.

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eBooks, Amazon and the end of DRM

15. April 2012 - 21:38 Uhr

I love Charles Stross‚ work in general, particularly his crazy books about the singularity. However, I recommend to follow his blog, if you are into literature, tech and the occasional rant about modern politics.
Kindle Book
His recent post was about Amazon, their disruption of the book business and the only chance he sees the big publishing houses have in staying in business for the long term: the end of DRM on their books. I think he is right in his view on his very own industry. …an industry he thinks is developing towards a monopoly AND monopsony at the same time (look at the state of the industry in the USA). Anyway if he turns out to be right, I look forward to „own“ the electronic books I „bought“ for my kindle again and maybe even switch the platforms from time to time.

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Looking forward to BerlinWebWeek 2012

7. April 2012 - 19:59 Uhr

Ich freue mich sehr auf die BerlinWebWeek 2012: Die KeyEvents re:publica und NEXT sowie die weiteren PartnerEvents wie European Venture Market und StartupWeekendBerlin, die Heureka Konferenz, die Informare und andere sollen die BerlinWebWeek vom 2. – 9.Mai 2012 zum größten Festival der digitalen Szene Europas machen. Zu diesen Veranstaltungen werden insgesamt mehr als 6.000 Teilnehmer in der Hauptstadt erwartet.
BerlinWebWeek 2012 postcard
Wer auch noch einen Event macht (egal ob biz oder tech, gross oder klein), kann uns gerne kontaktieren.

Das ganze Jahr hindurch bleibt der aggregierte Veranstaltungskalender der digitalen Szene Berlins. Hier sind alle Events der verschiedenen Veranstalter in Berlin und hier können man seine Events in Berlin während des ganzen Jahres selbst eintragen.

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