SocialMediaWeek Berlin 2010

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[Am sitting in front row seat and trying out the iPhone’s wordpress app for liveblogging:]
Full house at the Socialmediaweek’s Congress in Berlin. I love that they have chosen the Berlin-typical location Festsaal Kreuzberg – crowded and people were queuing up outside. This panel was moderated by Markus Angermeier ( @kosmar ). Alexander Korth ( @alexkorth ) (Make Customers Friends), Jodok Batlogg ( @jodok ) (Studi VZ) und Falk Lüke ( @flueke ) (Verbraucherzentrale) were discussing “Privat in Social – Platform- vs. Userresponsibility”. Am impressd by what the organizers have managed to get together in short time – an interesting programm and a lot of events in this week. The twitter hashtag is #smwberlin.

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