BerlinWebWeek: Webinale, RailsWayCon, PHPConference und Virtual Worlds Camp

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This week, the BerlinWebWeek 2009, was hard so far – lots of events, meetings and parties to go to. Having initiated this BerlinWebWeek I tried to be at all the events and I almost succeeded. Most of my time I spent at the webinale conference, the strategy and business oriented conference track of the Software & Support Verlag presented by create or die in the Berliner Conference Center bcc, accompanied by the two technical conferences RailsWayCon and International php Conference. The webinale also hosted the Frogster Virtual Worlds Camp, which concentrated on virtual worlds and virtual goods.
webinale conference at bcc, Berlin

webinale conference at bcc, Berlin

The bcc, designed by the Bauhaus Student and probably most well known East German architect Hermann Henselmann, lends itself very well to conferences like this. It is small enough to not feel lost inside and has an open atmosphere. That it is located in the very center of Berlin is another point for it. It suited the feeling of the webinale, many tracks to choose from and lots of networking opportunities. I was there every day for at least half a day, from the first startupday on monday to the following full conference days. I missed the webinale crawl, 3 parallel guided office tours through Berlin-based web companies but I look forward to join next year. Looking for food for thought I joined the keynotes of Ossi Urchs and the one from Karlheinz (call me Charly) Toni, the Austrian CEO of the British startup Piins. Piins is his 2nd project after Miomi.

Karlheinz Toni, CEO of Piin

Karlheinz Toni, CEO of Piins

Toni’s key note topic was „The flaw of the internet and modern communication„. It started out well with some maths about exponential functions and their relation to the internet and its growths resp. question, whether its growths (data flow) could be accomodated by the technical infrastructure/standards. However, at some place it turned into how contents can be combined and displayed on the same page/window. ..which is where Piins comes into play. I enjoyed the start of his speech, he was very entertaining and invited everybody to visit him and his team on his houseboat Nr. 10 in London.
An invitation to play was the keynote of Kevin Slavin from areacode. Areacode produces cross-media games and entertainment, his examples were entertaining and thought provoking. A member of areaplay is also involved in botanicalls, a device enabling plants to twitter and text messaging. His scarce use of powerpoint was also enjoyable.

Kevin Slavin of areacode

Kevin Slavin of areacode

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